Natural sponges are fished in the traditional way of diving. Experienced divers dive into the sea at depths of 25-60 metres. At the bottom of the sea, our divers choose not only the best sponges using eco-friendly methods, but also those that are fully grown, leaving smaller ones to grow, only to be harvested the following year. In this manner, they protect the watery environment which is a source of life for themselves. Our company allows only for the fishing of large sponges as the pricing is done in our exporting warehouses with quality being the strictest criterion. Our company is responsible for the shipping of sponges worldwide. The shipping costs are especially low because of the fact that the sponges are pressed to a smaller volume and size  until they are moistened to resume their normal dimensions.

After the harvest begins the processing. Once a year, usually at the end of September to the beginning of October, the boats return to the island. There the sponges are sorted by speciallized and experienced personnel, usually retired sponge-divers who relive their old life through this work, their life in the depths of the seas, the life that they loved so much.
The nature of the product and the fact that no sponge is the same as any other deters the development of modern automatic methods and techniques for the processing. So, everything is done by hand.

Our company suggests:

  • For interior decorating :15cm and up
  • For children's baths : 11-15cm
  • For the cleaning and bathing of infants : 7.5-11cm
  • For cleansing the face : 4-7,5cm


Natural sponge has been used for thousands of years due to its inique qualities.

  • It is very absorbent in water and it creates a thick leather while its variety touch softly cleanses the skin.
  • It is hypo allergic and helps in the best cleansing  of the skin without irritating and is suitable for children's sensitive skin.
  • As a living organism, the sponge deters the accumulation of bacteria thus protecting body hygiene.
  • It is especially long wearing, it does not unravel like industrial sponge nor does it strain or hold odors.
  • Due to its variety surface, it is ideal for massage giving the body a unique relaxation experience.